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Get Involved in Rural Zululand Upliftment - Help refurbish Classrooms or donate one.

ECAG (Eshowe Community Action Group) is an NGO registered under the Welfare Act operating in South Africa. Rotarians started the ECAG in 1977 and have been instrumental in running ECAG since its inception.

Nearly all funds raised totalling over R250 – Million have been through the Eshowe Rotary Club with the late Guy Chennells, a founding member and leading fundraiser. Graham, Mark & Jono Chennells have all been very involved in all aspects of ECAG since its inception. The late Prince Gidean Zulu was chairman from inception and was a direct descendant of King Mpande. Present chairman is Jethro Mdlalose who is principal of Tembelasizwe School.

The Eshowe Community Action Group is a Non – Profit Organization, operating for 32 years in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. The main objective is to provide classroom for underprivileged children, many of whom have never seen the inside of a classroom, nor had the privilege of going to school.

In 1977, The Eshowe Community Action Group (ECAG), under the umbrella of the Rotary Club of Eshowe, inspired by farmers and businessmen, built the first 12 classrooms at King Zwelithini High School. The ECAG works closely with the Department of Education, Principals and Communities, forging a meaningful partnership that has made discernable contributions to the success of rural education.

The project area covers a radius of approximately 4000 square kilometres, incorporating uThukela River down South to Kosi Bay in the North.

The Eshowe Community Action Group does not offer handouts. The school have to provide a deposit of R4 000,00 per classroom and are? put onto the waiting list.

The ECAG has to date built over 2600 classrooms, constructed 17 laboratories with gas and water reticulation, installed on thousand 5000litre plastic water tanks on bases, 1200 Ventilated Inlet Pipe long drop toilets, libraries and administration blocks. Over 100 new schools have been established, and 120 old schools extended. The Challenge continues. There is still a shortage of some 2300 classrooms in Northern Kwazulu Natal.                Sadly, though many children are not given the opportunity of going to school, as either their parents have no money, or there is just not a school in the vicinity.

The basic cost of building a classroom are extremely high and donations are always welcome for this particular cause. The dimensions of the classrooms we construct are as follows: 7.62m x 7.05m

The specs are as follows:

Fibre cement roof sheets on aluminium sisaltion on prefabricated timber trusses, on plastered and painted concrete block walls.

Galvanised D2H windows and door frame are used.

Doors are galvanised and are plain.

Floors are steel and floated plain concrete.

Masonite chalkboards are installed – 4.8 x 1.2 metres in diameter.

Classrooms are pre – painted green unless otherwise stated – green and brown – PVA paint – bottom darker than the top. Government colours used for rural schools.

Doors – solid 40mm thick SA pine doors

Gutters installed – 100 x 125mmj gutters which are aluminium

2 x 5000 litre plastic tanks on concrete bases.

No ceilings

Cost: 97,000.00 ($9,300.70)